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A Place To Stay

by Pedals on our Pirate Ships



You have reached the official web site of Pedals on our Pirate Ships. We appreciate your interest in our music and we hope you will join us at a show! We are looking forward to playing Stay Sweet Fest 3 this April in our lovely hometown of Richmond, VA. The festival will take place at the Camel, where it was born in 2010. Look it up on facebook and try to get tickets. They tend to disappear very quickly.

Our "website" is really just a bandcamp site that we try (meaning just Louis tries) to legitimize and make official in any way possible. Right now the "shows" link doesn't work. We (I) appreciate your tolerance of this issue, and we are (I am) going to eventually straighten it out. In the meantime, please navigate to our facebook page. We try to post our shows there whenever we can. Thanks again! You guys are the frickin' best.

Directly above this text is our newest album, "A Place to Stay". We have made it available for you to stream, but because our record label so graciously invested money in our record, they retain rights to selling it for the time being. Visit our store above to purchase it, or find it on iTunes. Whichever method you choose will be a great way to say thanks to Adam for his help.

Of course, it comes with critical acclaim:

"...sounds promising. Male/female vocals, swirling keys and understated guitar hooks call bands like the Anniversary and the Rentals to mind."

Isn't that rad? Check it out, buy a copy, and let us know what you think!

Love, PooPS.



released July 17, 2012

Written and performed by Pedals on our Pirate Ships.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Lance Koehler at Minimum Wage in Richmond VA.
Released on Say-10 Records, 17 July 2012.

Photos by Jake Cunningham.
Album art and layout design by Mark Roberson.



all rights reserved


Pedals on our Pirate Ships Richmond, Virginia

we are pedals on our pirate ships, from richmond, va. thanks for visiting our web site. navigate using the links in the green header. that is all.

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Track Name: lightning rods
You go up and down, back to the middle on some solid ground. Give just a little of your heart away and save the rest for a rainy day. ‘Cause there are dark clouds comin’, yeah there are dark clouds comin’. It’s gonna rain, it’s gonna pour. It’s knockin’ down your front door. Life is pain. It’s what we’re built for. Lightning rods in a thunderstorm. You go right to left, back to the center ‘cause you know what’s best. In fact it’s better if you just forget. You can’t forget her, oh no, not just yet. You’re feeling bitter ‘cause there are dark clouds comin’, yeah there are dark clouds comin’. Crash, smash, explode. Leave nothing behind but the open road. Leave nothing, leave nothing behind.
Track Name: side by side
We started out in a cemetery. I should’ve taken that as a sign. This cute gravedigger would bury, bury me alive. But I couldn’t see what was in front of me. I was so in love at the time. These days I’m amazed, she seems so unfazed while I’m mourning a love that just died. And we used to ride side by side. But we ran out road. We ran out of time. We parted ways at Bamboo Café. I’ll never go back there again. A tonic and gin, two Yuenglings and then I’m not sure if we’re even friends. I felt broken and sad so I paid the tab but I still had to unlock our bikes. I took off the u-lock. We hugged on the sidewalk. I thought about what it was like when we used to ride. I wish I hadn’t memorized the tattoos on your skin. The way you used to mesmerize, why did you let me in? Just to let me go, I know its what you had to do. I miss you.
Track Name: growing pains
When I was a kid I thought my life could be like a movie. I could be the karate kid or a goonie. I grew up kinda slow. I’m old enough, old enough to know. Life ain’t a movie or a TV show, it’s the real thing. There are no commercial breaks. There’s just head aches and heart ache. Constant reminders of your mistakes. And if you’re lucky, once in a while something just might make you smile. In the end I can tell ya there’ll be tears because everything we love will disappear. So, don’t let go of this moment even though nothing can last forever. That’s how it must be. Hold tight to the music here tonight. For one brief second I think we got it right. When I was a kid I thought my life would be easy. A picket fence and a wife, just like on TV. It didn’t work out that way for me. My life is a catastrophe. This isn’t what my mother wanted for me. Now I just want my life to be like a love song. An ugly duckling squawking out a swan song. And if ya hear it, I hope ya smile. Forget about real life for a while. A brief moment we can share, that I hold dear because everything we love is still here. If you stay sweet then I’ll stay sweet. We’ll build up a community where we actually help one another. Let’s be friends, let’s be sisters and brothers. Let’s be everything we can to each other.